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In article <33lvl6$qel at apakabar.cc.columbia.edu> dan at cubsps.bio.columbia.edu (Dan Zabetakis) writes:
>From: dan at cubsps.bio.columbia.edu (Dan Zabetakis)
>Subject: This mighty foot stuff <<==read
>Date: 26 Aug 1994 23:59:34 GMT

Dan said:

>   Since many of you might not be aware, let me point out that the
>object of those who post that mighty foot stuff to bionet.general is
>to generate flame wars. They are usually known as alt.syntax.tactical.
>This means: DO NOT REPLY TO THEM. It is what they want.
>   Send complaints to thier systems administrators.

>  What I usually do is this:

>   Select the reply function of your software (usually 'R' for a lot
>of news software) that send an e-mail letter to them, not a submission
>to the mailing list of article to the newsgroup. When you edit
>the letter, add a line like this to the header:

>Cc: postmaster at thier.site.here

>Mailing to postmaster sends mail to the system administrators at almost
>every site. In your letter (quote the article that offends you) tell
>the postmaster why you think it is not appropriate (keep it real short).
>Then ask that if they have acceptable use policies that you hope they
>will review the article to see if it broke them.
>  Be polite, and most likely you'll get a letter back saying what they
>have done about it. Nothing may happen, but it never hurts to complain.


>This article is for entertainment purposes only. Any facts, opinions,
>narratives or ideas contained herein are not necessarily true, and do
>not necessarily represent the views of any particular person.  

	I wanted to discuss Bigfoot in a serious forum... I posted about the 
Bigfoot Research Project here in bionet.general as well as other places... 
Many of you did do discuss things with me, all though many of you 
regarded me as "unserious" and laughable... and many of you flamed me 
privately and some publically.  One of you thought I was putting you on.

	Nonetheless, I'm not a flamer, I'm just a person foolish enough to spend time 
and money looking for Bigfoot... and I hope that bionet.general conferencies 
can distinguish between me, Henry Franzoni, and this "mighty foot" stuff.  I 
did not nor do not mean to waste your time, I actually wanted the feedback you 
gave me, and a forum to discuss "Bigfoot" in...  Apparently, biologists that 
are interested have communicated with me privately by E-mail, and I do not 
think that this conference is the place for the discussions.

	BTW, many observers of science were very interested in the (over)reaction 
that my original post generated.  Many requested a copy the entire conference 
exchange from me. Bigfoot research may not be interesting to serious 
scientists, but the discussion of "Serious vs Unserious" research IS 
interesting to some...

	So, Ironically the Alt.Bigfoot conference is so far the only place I haven't 
been flamed for actually doing Bigfoot Research.  I'm sure many of you find 
that appropriate... don't worry, I don't intend to waste my time here either...
I have already learned about what you had to offer.


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