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Dave Mack dmack at
Mon Aug 29 19:55:14 EST 1994

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Una Smith <una at> wrote:
>Dave Mack <dmack at> wrote:
>>... I am considering proposing the formation of
>>two new newsgroups: bionet.groups [and] bionet.admin ...
>It would be good to have one group in bionet.* reserved for
>general discussion of biology, and have the administrative
>discussions elsewhere.  Given the current level of traffic
>in bionet.general, one newsgroup would probably suffice.

I agree that the volume doesn't really necessitate two newsgroups,
but the readers of the topics involved will usually be
completely separate - bionet.groups would be of interest (I
hope) to the general readership of the bionet hierarchy, while
bionet.admin is targetted specifically at Usenet news admins.
Of course, the two groups of readers would overlap at times
and anyone who wanted to would be free to read and participate
in either set of discussions.

Dave Mack
Manager, Computer Facilities
Senior Systems Administrator
IntelliGenetics, Inc./BIOSCI Project

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