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Mon Aug 29 17:14:37 EST 1994

Dear Andrew,
	To find your blind spot put one spot at the center of a blank field and
focus *one* eye on it with the other eye closed.  Then, have a movable spot
or a fixed spot where you can change the distance between your eye and the
field.  The object here is to change the relative position of the images of
the two spots on your retina.  I just tried the second method; I put a large
spot made by a blue felt-tip pen on a piece of paper and a smaller black spot
about 1" away.  When the second spot is towards the outer side of the field--
to the right of the first for testing the right eye--it disappears from my
vision when my eye is about 3" away from the paper.  That's all there is to
				Bill Tivol

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