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>I'm trying to find out the test to demonstrate a person's blind spot.  A
>teacher once put x's on a piece of paper and made me shut an eye but I can't
>remember the exact procedure.  

>Thanks for the help.  If you know you can leave a message here or write me at
>andrew.price at

Put the piece of paper (with a small x or black spot on it)  on the wall at 
eye-level about 5 inches from your face.  Line up your eye with the spot, 
then close the other one.  Have a friend bring a long stick (like a fireplace 
match) in from the edge of the paper towards the middle.  Mark the place where 
the end of the stick disappears from your field of vision.  Do this from 
several angles all around the spot.  Connect the dots to outline the blind 
spot for that eye.  


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