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>> I agree on this point. I am considering proposing the formation of
>> two new newsgroups: bionet.groups for the discussion of bionet
>> newsgroup creation and bionet.admin for the discussion of Usenet
>> administrative issues specific to the bionet hierarchy. Not only
>> would this help administrators trying to deal with bionet.*, it
>> would also get the discussion of these issues out of bionet.general,
>> leaving it free for discussions of actual biology.
>	I don't know how important a bionet.admin group would be

My purpose in suggesting bionet.admin is not so much to get that
traffic out of bionet.general (as you point out, there isn't really
that much of it) but to bring it into clearer focus for the Usenet
administrator whose concern is not with biology or even bionet
particularly, but only with keeping the news system running smoothly.
Likewise, the typical bionet subscriber should not have to be concerned
with the administrative mumbo-jumbo and should not have to filter
it out the discussion tree.


>	For those of us accessing bionet via news readers, I personally
>don't think the traffic in bionet.general is too high.  With a news
>reader, it's easy enough to skip messages in threads that have become
>inane or tedious, and its easier to scan one group for the non-specialized
>biology topics.

I agree that volume isn't a particularly relevant issue here. I have
explained my rationale for bionet.admin above. I don't think that
discussion of the names, charters and so forth of proposed bionet
newsgroups has much to do with biology as a science, and I prefer
to see it confined to one area where those of us who do wish to concern
ourselves with these issues can find it easily, and those who don't
can it ignore it more easily.

Let me be clear about this: both of these groups will be voted on in
the usual way (the actual CFDs haven't even been posted yet.) If they
don't pass, I'm not going lose sleep or shed tears over it.

Dave Mack
Manager, Computer Facilities
Senior Systems Administrator
IntelliGenetics, Inc./BIOSCI Project

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