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Foteos Macrides macrides at
Mon Aug 29 19:40:45 EST 1994

In article <33tcg2$bvf at>, dmack at (Dave Mack) writes:
> I agree on this point. I am considering proposing the formation of
> two new newsgroups: bionet.groups for the discussion of bionet
> newsgroup creation and bionet.admin for the discussion of Usenet
> administrative issues specific to the bionet hierarchy. Not only
> would this help administrators trying to deal with bionet.*, it
> would also get the discussion of these issues out of bionet.general,
> leaving it free for discussions of actual biology.

	I don't know how important a bionet.admin group would be
(discussions about administration do tend to become long threads,
but start up only occassionally).  However, a bionet.groups would
be very helpful, particularly to the email subscribers.  We had
split bionet.general into an unmoderated group with the same name,
and a moderated bionet.announce, primarily for their benefit (the
traffic in bionet.general is too high for most peoples' personal
mailboxes).  Spitting off the discussion about proposals to create
groups would be helpful as well.  The email subscribers would see
the call for discussion in bionet.announce, and could subscribe to
bionet.groups if they are interested in participating. 

	For those of us accessing bionet via news readers, I personally
don't think the traffic in bionet.general is too high.  With a news
reader, it's easy enough to skip messages in threads that have become
inane or tedious, and its easier to scan one group for the non-specialized
biology topics.


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