James R. Mensch Jr. jm68 at kimbark.uchicago.edu
Tue Aug 30 11:43:26 EST 1994

Mine are also 'permanent' somewhat mobile, ie. 'swinging around', and unlike
some I would see in my childhood.  Many people experience them.  When they
began to occur in my eyes (~age 35) I was startled and extremely bothered
by them.  In an opthalmoogy text, I read that they are usually harmless,
very bothersome to the owner, and untreatable.  The stated policy in the
text was 'tell the patient to get used to them'.  I thought this callous
and impossible at the time, but in a couple of months I realized I had 
stopped trying to watch them (which causes them to move!) and they were no
longer bothersome.  I think the text said the floaters are remnants of blood
vessels and other debris accumulating due to ageing.  My father used to
complain that his were 'getting worse' with age, interfered with his ability
to tie small fihing knots.  So it goes.
Jim Mensch <j-mensch at uchicago.edu> 

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