henry Franzoni and Big feet

Francisco Javier H Blazquez fjhblazq at FOX.CCE.USP.BR
Tue Aug 30 17:56:52 EST 1994

On 30 Aug 1994, Dan Zabetakis wrote:

> In article <33tmuu$pt9 at venus.mcs.com>, Silas Salmonberry <silas at MCS.COM> wrote:
> >Henry James Franzoni (CAVEMAN at teleport.com) wrote:
> >
> >: 	So, Ironically the Alt.Bigfoot conference is so far the only place I
> >: been flamed for actually doing Bigfoot Research.  I'm sure many of
 you find 
> >

All this discussion about Bigfoot remind me a joke:
A group was discussing about UFO and a member of this group was insisting on
the existence of alienigen flying objects and was justifying his affirmation
saying that there are witness that saw these objects.
Another member said that this wasn't a scientific evidence.
The first guy argued that this evidence was accepted by serious 
scientific papers.
- Which serious scientific papers?, asked the second.

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