Entomology:Phthorimaea operculella

farrelpa at topaz.cqu.edu.au farrelpa at topaz.cqu.edu.au
Mon Aug 29 23:40:50 EST 1994

I'm not exactly sure whether or not this is the correct place for this, but I
couldn't find any newsgroups on Entomology (if there are some,please let me

I am currently working on my Research Masters, at the Department of Primary
Industries, through the Central Queensland University, basedat Bundaberg
Queesland, Australia.
My working title is: "A survey of parasitism in Potato Moth (Phthorimaea
operculella) in the Bundaberg Region and the Developmental Biology of two of
its Parasitoids, Copidosoma sp. (Hymen:Encyrtidae) and Orgilus lepidus

If anyone out there knows anything about parasitism (rates, percentages etc..)
or about insect developmental biology, please contact me.

Bundyman. farrelpa at topaz.cqu.edu.au

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