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Dan Zabetakis dan at cubsps.bio.columbia.edu
Mon Aug 29 22:46:24 EST 1994

In article <33tmuu$pt9 at venus.mcs.com>, Silas Salmonberry <silas at MCS.COM> wrote:
>Henry James Franzoni (CAVEMAN at teleport.com) wrote:
>: 	So, Ironically the Alt.Bigfoot conference is so far the only place I haven't 
>: been flamed for actually doing Bigfoot Research.  I'm sure many of you find 

   As I said in private e-mail, I hope there wasn't confusion over the
thread on Bigfoot research and the "mighty foot" articles. Bigfoot, as
much as it could be considered biology is fine, but flame wars between
alt.bigfoot and alt.syntax.tactical do not belong in bionet.general.
  The biology proffesionals that read this (and get it as part of a
mailing list) are not as a group aware of these groups of net.children.
They don't know what a group invasion is, and would easily fall prey to
it. It isn't going to happen.

>People like you Dan are so narrow minded that you wouldn't know
>you've seen a bigfoot if it walked up and bopped you on the nose.

    Take up a collection, and rent a clue. The article I complained about
was cross-posted to 5 or so groups, including rec.pets.cats, and was
about competition between a.b ans a.s.t.


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