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Tue Aug 30 16:28:21 EST 1994

Dave Mack <dmack at> wrote:

>My purpose in suggesting bionet.admin is not so much to get that
>traffic out of bionet.general (as you point out, there isn't really
>that much of it) but to bring it into clearer focus for the Usenet
>administrator whose concern is not with biology or even bionet
>particularly, but only with keeping the news system running smoothly.

Clearly, discussion of newsgroups doesn't belong in a group named
bionet.general and described as for "general discussion of biology".

The Usenet "big 7" have news.groups, news.admin.*, and several other
newsgroups because (1) the procedure for creating new newsgroups is
elaborate and involves a lot of comments (traffic) from readers and
(2) news.* is where all discussion happens about keeping news per se
running, and that alone generates constant high traffic.  Both alt.*
and bit.* seem to do okay with single administrative newsgroups, and
they are far larger than bionet.*.

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