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Shafik Harmoni harmoni at
Tue Aug 30 23:24:46 EST 1994

Dan Zabetakis (dan at wrote:

: have done about it. Nothing may happen, but it never hurts to complain.

: DanZ

After careful consideration of this a.s.t incident, I would like to
recommend some appropriate countermeasures that will assist in defeating
this unethical expression of beliefs.  We must collectively resist the
outrageous viewpoints of this network-threatening group.

Step 1:  Go home to your mommy.
Step 2:  Say the following.  "Mommy!  Waaaaaaaaaaa!  Somebody said
         something that I didn't like on internet, today!  Waaaa!!!"
Step 3:  Go into your old bedroom and beat up your teddy-bear in
Step 4:  Roll on the floor, kicking and screaming, until you tire
         yourself out.

This countermeasure has been used effectively by other usenet complainers,
such as the individuals found on alt.flame.

Shafik Boopinder Harmoni.

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