henry Franzoni and Big feet

Wilf Leblanc wilf at zeus.achilles.net
Tue Aug 30 22:00:03 EST 1994

fjhblazq at FOX.CCE.USP.BR (Francisco Javier H Blazquez) writes:
>On 30 Aug 1994, Dan Zabetakis wrote:

>All this discussion about Bigfoot remind me a joke:
[ .... ]

Since no one wants to actually talk about evidence, science
and reality let me step in and do it for you:

   1.  it is best to SHUT UP when you know absolutely nothing
       about the evidence for the existence or non-existence
       of certain creatures;
   2.  if you want to actually contribute to the discussion
       and discuss the evidence or lack thereof, please do
       so (but until that time, go to 1);
   3.  arguments such as "that reminds me of a story" and
       "he's from alt.bigfoot so his arguments do not count"
       are invalid; and
   4.  the evidence does seem to suggest there is a creature
       in British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon which is
       nocturnal, rather tall, and has rather big feet.

Please discuss how the patterson film could be faked (with
1970's technology), please discuss how bigfoot prints could
be faked (while remembering that depressions in sandbars
have indicated a weight of over 700 lbs) and please discuss
how we can prove the existence or non-existence of this

Any scientist with half a brain would realize that if you
know nothing about a particular subject the best bet is to
either read up on it or shut up.  But the Bio-net bigots
seem to think that sending nasty letters to sys-admins and
trying to link the so-called invaders with "net-terrorists"
is the proper way to refute an argument.

Well, Silas and Henry may have left, but now I'm here to
help Dan in his quest to make sure no monkey business goes
on in bionet.general.  Apparently Dan owns bionet.general
and can slander people from alt.bigfoot at will.  I don't
suppose anyone has told Dan that slander is against the
law ?


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