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tivol at tethys.ph.albany.edu wrote:
: knunan's reply to Re: HELP NEEDED, PLEASE READ ascribes "floaters" to a prob-
: lem in the central nervous system.
: 	For all who experience the phenomenon of floaters, do not worry; they
: are simply the shadows (not precise, but descriptive) of red cells traveling
: thru capillaries in front of the photosensitive cells of the retina.  They 
: are perfectly normal and not a cause for alarm.  I was facinated by them as a
: child, and was happy to find out that they have such a benign explanation.
: I suppose tiny aggregations of blood cells leaking from the capillaries can
: occur, and these might not be so benign, but I still wouldn't look for CNS
: causes.
: 				Yours,
: 				Bill Tivol

I have had floaters for a few years now.  My opthamologist says that in some
cases they can result from progressive detachment of retinal cells.  This is
NOT normally the case but you should have your eyes checked by an
opthamologist to be sure that yours is the more typical benign situation.  I
have not heard of floaters being attributed to any kind of CNS problem.

	Barry Phipps

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