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Wilf Leblanc wilf at zeus.achilles.net
Wed Aug 31 11:40:02 EST 1994

Anthony Tomlinson <tomlinson at pplros.demon.co.uk> writes:

>I'm a distinct newbie in all this, and I'm a bit confused.  Is the
>Bigfoot Research Project distinct from the "Mighty Foot" Business, or
>not?  I saw Silas's name in a Mighty Foot post, but I couldn't access any
>of the posts in that particular thread, except for one where people were
>accused of suggesting canine-human crosses as a sort of insult (What?!?).
> Now I see Silas in a Bigfoot thread.   It seems like Henry et al (&
>Silas?) are genuine, if offbeat, researchers, and the Mighty Footers are
>flame-artists using the Bigfoot label to get  opportunist  attention in
>bionet.general.  If this is right, then I have two things to say:

Here's the deal.  The Bigfoot Research Project is serious, and
alt.bigfoot is sometimes serious, but usually we get mad when
people slander us or try to make fools out of our friends.
Henry is/was serious, Silas is/was serious, but since some
people on bionet.general have either sent their sys-admins hate email
or tried to make them look like fools you now have to deal with us.

>1) Mighty Footer's:  you are a waste of space.

We realize that.

>2)  Please don't go, Bigfooter's.  I find the possibility that Bigfoot
>exists tantalising (if unlikely), and the discussion about scientists'
>prejudice very interesting, and eminently suited to the bionet.general

You missed a few categories:

3) Bigfooters (or mighty footer's) who are interested in bigfoot, but 
   react badly to name calling and slanderous comments.

4) Flamers who only want flame bigfooters.

>It's obvious to me that more has gone on privately than publicly in this
>discussion, which is a pity.  The Bigfoot Research Project deserves to be
>discussed on bionet.  Let's have more.

Henry is gone, Silas is gone.  I suggest you contact them about their
mailing list.


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