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The ArchWizard admin at
Wed Aug 31 23:18:20 EST 1994

Shafik Harmoni (harmoni at wrote:

: After careful consideration of this a.s.t incident, I would like to
: recommend some appropriate countermeasures that will assist in defeating

	Why would YOU suggest countermeasures... given that you are
probably one of them...

: this unethical expression of beliefs.  We must collectively resist the
: outrageous viewpoints of this network-threatening group.

	Humm... last time I checked you were the "Supreme Commander"
of alt.bigfoot, which is a cousin of a.s.t. at least... (not that alt.syntax.
tactical the group has had any coherence to it in months...)

: Step 1:  Go home to your mommy.
: Step 2:  Say the following.  "Mommy!  Waaaaaaaaaaa!  Somebody said
:          something that I didn't like on internet, today!  Waaaa!!!"
: Step 3:  Go into your old bedroom and beat up your teddy-bear in
:          frustration.
: Step 4:  Roll on the floor, kicking and screaming, until you tire
:          yourself out.

	I assure you that YOU will be doing this by the time I am done 
with you and the other net.kooks who hang out on alt.pigfoot!  (But just
try to find my sysadmin :) )

: This countermeasure has been used effectively by other usenet complainers,
: such as the individuals found on alt.flame.

	Yes... alt.flame did a VERY good job of defeating you and alt.bigfool!
I doubt that you could muster another attack on them... without getting
your butt dragged for miles on end...
	(That is if there'll be anything left by the time my nuclear weapons
devastate alt.bigfoot.  In fact, 95% of ALL bigfoot messages in your group
have mysteriously vanished from Netcom, and the cancel-bot should be hitting
other sites by now...  And guess who WROTE the cancel messages... YOU!)

: Shafik Boopinder Harmoni.

	(A.K.A. "Supine Commander" of "all" net-land.)

	Disguises only work if you know how to fake posts as well.  Using
your REAL name will get you NOWHERE (besides getting KICKED OUT!)

	The ArchWizard (sworn enemy of alt.bigfoot and a.s.t.)

	P.S. I might be evil, but instead of chasing serious newsgroups
around, I go after these bozos.  The result : good done in the name of evil!

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