Race-Related IQ

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Fri Dec 2 17:22:04 EST 1994

In article <mwspitze-011294091932 at phar2.medsurge.hsis.uci.edu>,
mwspitze at uci.edu (matt spitzer) writes:
  Suppose that general intelligence does not exist, and
>that IQ simply represents an average of performance on a number of
>independent cognitive tasks.  Then what do we gain by using the composite
>score, as opposed to the list of individual test scores? It seems to me
>that the profile of individual test scores would provide much more

Dear Matt,
	Makes sense to me, but that way correlations with such superficial dif-
ferences as race probably would not be conclusive, since most likely several of
the individual scores would be highest for each race (assuming confounding var-
iables were controlled for).  ;-^(
				Bill Tivol

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