seeking species for children's story

Anthony Tomlinson tomlinson at
Mon Dec 5 10:46:24 EST 1994

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Brian A. Hollander, afn08460 at FREENET.UFL.EDU writes:
>My suggestion is to *not* anthrpomorphize (if thats a word) *any* extant 
>(or extinct for that matter) species for such a work. It serves no
>purpose, and deludes a future generation of animal rights activists into 
>thiking other species share human-specific social traits. Use, instead, 
>your imagination to "create" human-like creatures (eg. hobbits) if that 
>will suit your story. IMHO.

I've always been intrigued by how carefully members of
a very dangerous species would have to be to interact, something
like the ceremonial/ non-lethal rutting of stags in a
more fairy tale setting?  How about basilisks, (the mythical
versions) which eat coal, breathe fire, and turn those
who look them in the eye to stone?  How d'you have a
debate among basilisks?

Isn't it great when you can bullshit to your heart's content
on the pretext of answering a question?


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