Race-Related IQ

Toby Bradshaw toby at u.washington.edu
Mon Dec 5 13:31:55 EST 1994

In article <89F10FE.0E34000274.uuout at dkb.dk>,
LARS THOMSEN <lars.thomsen at dkb.dk> wrote:
>TB>the heritability of components of human intelligence is, in
>TB>principle, estimable
>Do you have any evidence for that ?
>It seems to me to be a impossible task to define intelligence, and 
>therefore even more to measure it.

It doesn't seem impossible to me to define components of intelligence,
but then I haven't tried very hard.  Do you think an "average"
newborn human is more intelligent than a trained guide dog?  Could
you imagine devising a test to help you decide; e.g., some sort
of problem-solving test?

Can you imagine devising an "intelligence" test that would distinguish a
child with Down's syndrome from his/her same-aged sibs? 

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