need asst. on HS project

Craig Owens owensc at
Mon Dec 5 03:56:26 EST 1994

Hello everyone,
     I am a high school teacher with the Pittsburgh Public Schools.  I have a
student who is beginning a project for the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of
Science (PJAS).  His project is entitled "The Effect of Sport Drinks on Mice"
in which he wishes to investigate the energetic effects of commercial sport
drinks (Gatorade and the like) on representative vetrebrates.
     I hope this isn't an inappropriate place to post this request , but if
anyone out there could provide some insight/suggestions for this project,
patricularly methods of testing for energetics in lab mice (without sacrificing
them) please e-mail me personally at owensc at
              Sincerely,      Craig Owens

Thank Yout

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