Looking for DAVID COOKE

Richard heath at mbcf.stjude.org
Sun Dec 4 17:46:13 EST 1994

Christmas is the time to get in touch ... and I am trying to contact an old
friend, *David Cooke*.  Last I knew, he would have been a graduate student at
University of Wales, Aberystwyth - plant sciences/agriculture maybe?  He would
have graduated probably in 1993 or maybe 1994.  A mutual friend (who has also
lost touch with him) phoned his lab a while ago, and it seems that he may now
be in Scotland, although where...?  Searches on netfind have drawn a blank.

If you happen to know his whereabouts, please contact the missing persons oops
please pass my email/mail address to him, or send me his.  Any pointers greatly

Richard Heath, D.Phil
Department of Biochemistry
St Jude Children's Research Hospital
Memphis TN 38101 USA

(901) 276 8730 (home)
(901) 522 0433 (lab)

email heath at mbcf.stjude.org

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