Race-related IQ

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Tue Dec 6 10:15:18 EST 1994

Why the heck are so many people here poopooing Stephen Jay Gould? His main 
concern in this area is trying to stress that historically, many have used 
"objective" evaluations in trying to correlate intelligence with other traits. 
In fact, I'm suprised that we have not yet seen any reference to the infamous 
Dr. Philippe Rushton, whose attempts to correlate various physical traits to 
come up with an intelligence scale placing Asians at the top and Africans at 
the bottom, resulted in about the same brouhaha we see here (recall that 
Rushton even showed up on Geraldo Rivera's show). Rushton's correlations used 
some remarkable "data" including the penis size of cadavers and information 
from police records. When considering how problematic the "scientific" 
methodoly of phrenology became (the story of Bischof's brain size being the 
oomph! to that one), it is obvious that the contemporary scientist is making 
the same mistakes. I believe Gould's objectives are usually to point out these 
mistakes, over and above any of his conjectures. Besides, I'd give the guy 
some leeway, he's a paleontologist first and foremost.

Alex Hillar

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