Getting buffed?

Zia A. Dehqanzada sac70569 at
Tue Dec 6 17:37:27 EST 1994

Hi everyone-
I'm an undergraduate in CSUS and am studying biology.  Throughout my 
undergraduate anatomy classes, I've learned that muscles are built of 
myofibrils which are built from sarcomeres, and I am very familiar with 
all of that.  In the gym, however, my trainer keeps telling me that 
getting buffed is not due to getting more MUSCLE, but instead due to the 
existing muscles fibers getting larger in size due to the extra demand 
placed upon it.  Does anyone have any detailed info on this matter?  I'm 
getting confused and really want to know what happens when muscle gets 
bigger due to working out!  Where do the extra sarcomeres, actin and 
myosin filaments come from?  If I know my anatomy correctly, there is 
only so many filaments in each sarcomere and so many sarcomeres in each 
myofibril and so on...
Thanks in advance
Zia Dehqanzada
sac70569 at

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