Sigma Aldrich questions?

Peter Herman x5495 rpeter at
Wed Dec 7 18:45:12 EST 1994

In article <3c0fr1$bj2 at> jb at (Jeffrey bronchick) writes:
>I am intersted in comments from anyone who has worked with and/or bought 
>from Sigma Chemicals or the parent Sigma Aldrich.
>1)Why them versus another competitor?
>2)Are prices high?
>3)Quality issues, particularly in newer bio-products?

Many of us buy from Sigma regularly for a variety of reasons, though
they are by no means the only supplier which fits has the attributes
described below.

They have a relatively big product list so that you can get a bunch
of reagents from one source.  This becomes an issue when one or more
require special shipping.

They have relativly fast service and a good shipping department

The Sigma "answer man" can be called with questions on any of their
products and has either got the information handy and/or can get it
fast on many product applications

Our department has a customer number and can order directly buy
computer gioving instant info on current price and availability

Hope this helps 

and no, I do not have stock in Sigma :-)

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