Ganglioside Insertion in E. coli ??

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: > Is the binding of toxin dependent on post-translational modification of
: > the membrane protein (glycosylation, added lipid, etc)?  If so, then
: > this will probably be fatal to your plan, as E.coli doesn't
: > modify things the seame way as eukaryotic cells.

: Toxin binding activates adenylate cyclase, which increases concentrations
: of cAMP in the cell, and leads to ion imbalance and excretion of H20 and
: Cl-.

Not asking for effect, but the root mechanism of binding.  If the toxin
recognizes a sugar moiety on the protein, then your scheme will not work
because the protein expressed in E.coli won't have that glycosylation 
pattern.  So, what is known about the specific nature of toxin binding?

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