Milan Luketic mluketic at
Fri Dec 9 23:59:28 EST 1994

This topic has caused turmoil in a small circle of people and
is now taken to the international level to be resolved.

Thesis Statement:  A person who wishes to be tall and concentrates
		   on it constantly will in the end be a little taller
                   than if s/he did not have the desire to be tall.

POINT: DNA preprograms a persons height, an thus cannot be changed
       regardless of any other influences.

COUNTERPOINT: Emotions and mental state can indirectly have a large influence
        on the bodies chemistry, and therefore can increase the chances of 
        reaching full potential for growth and can exceed that potential 
        on a limited basis. A persons mental state can favour certain reactions
        to go to completion.

If there is anybody who could settle this discussion once and for all...

Milan  .


--Milan Luketic--
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