error-prone replication in XP?

Arne Mueller amuelle3 at
Sun Dec 11 14:16:24 EST 1994

Hello everybody,

I'm a biology-student in Germany ..... and I've just one simple question
 :) : What is "error-prone replication", especially in context of
Xeroderma pigmentosum. 

The hypermutability of XP variant cells should be correlated with an
error-prone replication of DNA (so I've read in a paper...), but what does
this mean? Is the "reason" for mutations in XP-cells the fact, that the
cell is't able to replicate the DNA with the correct base of the template
or the missing of an excison-repaire of the photoproducts?

..and just one more simple question: Is the error-prone replication in the 
   context of an SOS-repair the same as in XP-cells?

If you know some reviews which explain error-prone replication 
"in general" or if you want to explain me the above context ;)
please mail me (armuelle at 

thanks from 
     Arne (a hopefully lost biology-student....)   :) 

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