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Subject: 22nd Forum of young investigators - French society of biochemistry
and molecular biology

                         XXIInd FORUM OF YOUNG INVESTIGATORS-
                                 GRENOBLE (France) 4-7 July 1995

The 2nd Forum of young investigators will be held in Grenoble the 4-7 july
1995. Every year, young researchers (less than 35 years old) in the fields
of biochemistry, molecular biology and cellular biology, meet to exchange
their technical and scientific views at this multidisciplinary congress.
Participants belong to diverse horizons. They must be less than 35 years
old, pre- or post-doctoral students or have recently taken a fixed
position, industrials, medical or pharmaceutical researchers. Most of them
are French-speaking researchers, but other European or non-European
researchers are welcome. One of the most prominent feature of the Forum
consists in giving the younger researchers priority over oral
communications, which are highly recommended. This year, participants with
oral communications should be below 35 years old and will speek for 15
minutes (plus 5 minutes discussion).
   For infrastructure reasons, the number of accepted participants will be
reduced this year. Registration fees should be about 500 FF for a young
researcher below 35 and member of the French SFBBM.

                                        PRE-REGISTRATION FORM

This form should be sent together with the summary of your communication
(in triplicate) PRIOR TO MARCH 1st, 1995. (See address below).
Registrations will not be taken into account after this deadline.

FAMILY NAME_______________________FIRST NAME_______________
ZIP CODE___________CITY________________COUNTRY_____________
DATE OF BIRTH_________________
PROFESSIONNAL STATUTE_____________________________________
COMMUNICATION : ( ) ORAL              ( ) POSTER
WORSHOPS AND ROUND TABLES (mark the themes that best fit to your work)
   ( ) Rational conception of therapeutic drugs (O. Diedberg)
   ( ) Micro-analysis of proteic sample (J. Gagnon & J. Garin)
   ( ) Chemical models of enzymes (M. Fontecave)
   ( ) Signal transduction in bacteria (P.M. Vignais)
   ( ) Radiopharmaceutical markers ( M. Comet)
   ( ) Endocytosis ( M. Satre)
   ( ) HIV (J-M. Seigneurin)
   ( ) Molecular cytogenetics (P. Jalbert)
   ( ) Monomer G-proteins (P.V. Vignais)
   ( ) Hormones and plant development ( M. Herzog)
   ( ) Metabolic NMR ( R. Douce)
   ( ) Dynamics of cellular adhesion (M. Block)

Co-ordinator: Dr Jacques COVES - XXII Forum des Jeunes Chercheurs -
Universite Joseph Fourier - LEDSS 5 - Chimie Recherches - BP 53 - F-38041
GRENOBLE CEDEX 9 - Tel (33) 76 63 57 56 - Fax (33) 76 51 43 82 - E-mail
coves at ledss.grenet.fr

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