Internship/volunteer work needed!

Zia A. Dehqanzada sac70569 at
Mon Dec 12 18:33:53 EST 1994

Hello to the inter-net community-
I am an under-grad here in California State University, Sacramento, 
majoring in Biological Sciences.  I am uncertain wether I would want to 
enter medical school or research program, and therefore, would like to 
obtain some experience in these fields.  Research is what I'm lacking in 
my background, in spite of the many lab course work that I've had during 
my under-grad years.  I am now a senior in CSUS and am planning to 
graduate in two more semesters.  I am willing to volunteer my time and 
knowledge in any lab which is bio/bio-medical related.  If there are any 
openings or opportunities, please e-mail me, and I will respond along 
with any further documentation that might be needed.  
Thank you in advance
Zia Dehqanzada
sac70569 at

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