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>>This topic has caused turmoil in a small circle of people and
>>is now taken to the international level to be resolved.

>	[I haven't read any other replys to this yet, so if I 
>	 overlap I apologize.  This is all, however, opinion and
>	 conjecture.]
>>Thesis Statement:  A person who wishes to be tall and concentrates
>>		   on it constantly will in the end be a little taller
>>                   than if s/he did not have the desire to be tall.
>>POINT: DNA preprograms a persons height, an thus cannot be changed
>>       regardless of any other influences.

>	Actually hormonal regulation programs the height, and we all
>know that hormonal levels fluctuate greatly, until more is known about
>gene expression and the exact function of more hormones, I don't think
>anything can be said about how dna and other biological systems control
>height from a primary stage.

>>COUNTERPOINT: Emotions and mental state can indirectly have a large influence
>>        on the bodies chemistry, and therefore can increase the chances of 
>>        reaching full potential for growth and can exceed that potential 
>>        on a limited basis. A persons mental state can favour certain
>>	 reactions to go to completion.

>Ok, height is controlled by human growth hormone.  Perhaps emotional
>state can effect the amount of hormones in the body, but can emotional
>focus on a particular hormonally controlled characteristic affect the
>bodily level of that hormone.  Doubt it.  Too specific.  Remember that
>it's all statistics anyhow.  My hypothesis goes more like this.  A
>person that thinks they are short will reflect that fact with attitude
>and posture.  They will be much less likely to look you in the eye and
>will carry themselves poorly.  When they start to focus on being taller
>and _believe_ that this will help they change their attitude.  This
>change in attitude is reflected with a change in bearing and posture.
>This change in posture and bearing are interpreted by others as "you
>just didn't seem so tall last time."

>>If there is anybody who could settle this discussion once and for all...
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You have brought yet another valid point to this discussion, however
to the thesis cannot be made.  It seems that you are knowledgable enough
to state wether or not the thesis is valid, so please do it! :)



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