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>>This topic has caused turmoil in a small circle of people and
>>is now taken to the international level to be resolved.
>>Thesis Statement:  A person who wishes to be tall and concentrates
>>                   on it constantly will in the end be a little taller
>>                   than if s/he did not have the desire to be tall.
>>POINT: DNA preprograms a persons height, an thus cannot be changed
>>       regardless of any other influences.
>>COUNTERPOINT: Emotions and mental state can indirectly have a large influence
>>        on the bodies chemistry, and therefore can increase the chances of 
>>        reaching full potential for growth and can exceed that potential 
>>        on a limited basis. A persons mental state can favour certain reactions
>>        to go to completion.
>>If there is anybody who could settle this discussion once and for all...
>>Milan  .
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>I can NOT settle the dispute for once nad for all.  However, it is well 
>known that factors other than DNA influence adult body height.  One 
>indicator is the observation that children of european immigrants to thsi 
>country predominantly were taller than their parents.  Another is that 
>current young adults in Japan who grew up in the post-war, prosperity era 
>tend to be taller than their parents.

>Usually I have heard this attributed  to a combination of diet, living 
>space, excercise and other environmental factors.  If these are so 
>important, why couldn't emotional and even rational control also be 

Emotionally deprived animals are often stunted in their growth;
however, ones emotional health is different from a "will to grow
tall". I have a cousin whose desire was so strong that he
even ate his vegetables (which he dispised)
because he thought it would help. He remains short. Is he taller than
he would have been had he not cared about his height? Or did the
emotional trauma of staying short make him even shorter? Who knows?
Please accept that there are many questions that science cannot
answer. Read some Popper.


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