Link between genetics and obesity?

Richard_Heath heath at
Tue Dec 13 18:14:27 EST 1994

In article <prwr001D0qFqD.Iyv at>, prwr001 at (Robert W. Row) writes:
>            I was just wondering if obesity has been linked in any way to the 
> person's genetics. I can think of several ways, ie fat not being burned at an 
> optimum rate or having more calories going there in the first place, but has a 
> specific link been proven? Is anyone out there working on this? I don't want 
> to raise an ethics discussion (would a person abort if the fetus would become 
> obese or somesuch.) Just curious. Thanks for any information you might have, 
> fell free to post or e-mail. Thanks again,
> Rick
Go check out the current issue of Nature - it has cloning of the "ob" gene from
mouse and humans...


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