Sigma Aldrich questions?

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Wed Dec 14 19:16:36 EST 1994

In article <3c0fr1$bj2 at>, jb at (Jeffrey bronchick) says:
>I am intersted in comments from anyone who has worked with and/or bought 
>from Sigma Chemicals or the parent Sigma Aldrich.
>1)Why them versus another competitor?
For us, Sigma offers chemicals that no other supplier can. Many of
our orders might be more efficiently handled by Fisher Scientific
but there are pheromones, solvents and synergists that Sigma carries
in stock and they are very prompt about delivery.

>2)Are prices high?
Higher than Fisher, but then again if you REALLY need the chemical
the prices are not out-of-line. General stuff like ethanol, NaOH,
etc. we get from Fisher.  Hexadecenol and methyl euginol we get from

>3)Quality issues, particularly in newer bio-products?
Highest quality. Good selection of HPLC, GC and other standards.
Most everything can be had in 99.99% purity, if you can afford it.

Gregory Montez
Citrus Entomology Lab
UC Kearney Agricultural Center

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