Sigma Aldrich questions?

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> : >I am intersted in comments from anyone who has worked with and/or bought 
> : >from Sigma Chemicals or the parent Sigma Aldrich.
> : >
> : >Specifically:
> : >
> : >1)Why them versus another competitor?
> : >2)Are prices high?
> : >3)Quality issues, particularly in newer bio-products?
> : >
> : Many of us buy from Sigma regularly for a variety of reasons, though
> : they are by no means the only supplier which fits has the attributes
> : described below.
> : They have a relatively big product list so that you can get a bunch
> : of reagents from one source.  This becomes an issue when one or more
> : require special shipping.
> : They have relativly fast service and a good shipping department
> : The Sigma "answer man" can be called with questions on any of their
> : products and has either got the information handy and/or can get it
> : fast on many product applications
> : Our department has a customer number and can order directly buy
> : computer gioving instant info on current price and availability
> : Hope this helps 
> : and no, I do not have stock in Sigma :-)
> Yes, I agree with the above, plus I have not been dissapointed with the 
> quality of Sigma products. I certainly cannot say the same for other 
> manufacturers.

Is anyone aware of the Genetics Society of America in Bethesda MD? They
annually contract with manufacturers to provide for their members to
purchase many extremely expensive,but high-use reagents, like XGal,
Fluoroorotic acid, Bacti Agar,Agarose,etc.

The pricing is significantly below market and there is the added advantage
that all products are tested by GSA members.

There is the added benefit to the scientific community because the GSA is
non profit.

And speaking of ease of ordering through the computer, why not use email?
I'm sure most suppliers support it.

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