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jfeldma1 at prairienet.org (Jason Feldman) writes:
>/Do you think  we are responsible for pollution problems in other countries?
>why? or why not?
Dear Jason,
	Whom do you mean by "we"?  Am I, for example, responsible for pollu-
tion problems next door (let alone in another country)?  Since the entire
population of the planet must live with the consequences of pollution, IMHO
the entire population has a collective responsibility to do something to ale-
viate it.  If I have to live here, I will spend some of my time, $$$, etc. to
see that the experience is as pleasant as possible.  My choice of the best
method to do this is to have those who pollute pay the cost engendered by
the pollution.  In this country, this means that I favor a charge to be le-
vied against anyone who, for example, dumps toxic waste in the ocean; this
charge should cover the cleanup costs.  As regards other countries, I would
favor a similar mechanism, but I have no suggestion as to how to put it in
place.  I am convinced, however, that if any process which generates pollu-
tents were made optimally efficient, then not only would pollutents be great-
ly reduced, but the individual/company/country which operates that process
would save money and resources.  It is only the human trait of choosing the
easy/lazy path instead of thinking through the options that results in such
inefficient operations in the first place.  In other words, doing it right
saves both money and the environment.
				Bill Tivol

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