Sealk Hunting in Norway

Clemens Suter-Crazzolara un691cs at
Tue Dec 20 10:16:06 EST 1994

> >clemens, heidelberg
> Why are you only against the killing of CERTAIN animals, and what are the
> features of these sacred animals. Is it more cruel to kill a seal than a cow?
> Remember too, that maybe 50% of sealpubs die during their first winter, some 
> of them starve and others are eaten by Orcas.
> Why is this death better than the club of a sealhunter?
> Jakob, Aarhus
two major resons: simply emotional, because I am a human being with
totally irrelevant priorities and secondly because certain animals are
endangered and should be protected. I am not such much against
the killing of the seals (if they really are present in such abundance
as the post suggests, which I doubt) as to the economic arguments put
forward in your and the previous post. True: most vegetarians where  
leader shoes: still they do more for animal welfare than you and your
fellow countrymen do....

cheers, clemens

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