Need help on HS project on genetic engineering

Joseph Hoffman joehoffman at
Mon Dec 19 21:24:45 EST 1994

Michael Cooley <szcooley at> writes:
>:    I'm fourteen years old, and within the next couple of weeks have a report
>: due in biology class about genetic engineering and future technologies that may
>: be used in this field.  The report is actually for a contest, called the
>: National Toshiba Exploravision Contest.  I have already gained a lot of
>: information from the Cornell Theory Center as well as encyclopedias, pamphlets,
>: etc., but a lot of resources are already obselete.  Any extra help from a kind
>: soul out there would be much appreciated.  I still have a few questions, and I
>: don't expect anyone to answer them all, but again, any help would be great.
>:                   Thank you very much.
>:                                           Joseph Hoffman
Thanks for replying.  I read in a very obsolete source that about twenty-five
years ago, scientists had created a bacterium, a newer version of and old
bacterium called Pseudomonas.  This bacterium had a built-in appetite for
petroleum, and scientists were looking to begin using it to help clean up
oil spills.  Is this bacteria in use today?
  Also, is there anything keeping scientists from cloning animals and other life
forms except ethical values.  I know that cloning is in use today, cloning
plant life and other sinpler organisms, but have they done anything more with
the technology?
(I apologize for all of the typographical errors.  I'm unfortunately in a
hurry.)  Thanks a lot.
                                           Joseph Hoffman

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