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HUM-MOLGEN has now grown to a communication web of more than 85 subscribers
>From over 80 institutes worldwide. Since the start of the list, at the
end of August 1994, the list has more than doubled in size every month.
***The Journal of Human Molecular Genetics*** will announce HUM-MOLGEN in
their issues as of January 1995, and send the table of contents of each issue
to the list upon press release of that issue. 
1995 HUM-MOLGEN will start a new **once-a-month** communication
concerning technical advances and interesting topics.
Each month, these communications will be focussed around a certain technique
or topic, for instance "A PCR-mailing"; "A Sequence-analysis-mailing";
"A-new-recources-on-Internet-mailing";"A-new-books" mailing;
"A-new-computerprograms" mailing. 
Users connected to Internet can subscribe to this list by sending an E-mail to
LISTSERV at NIC.SURFNET.NL with the message subscribe HUM-MOLGEN first_name

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Frank S. Zollmann
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Ohio State University
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