Human growth question

Torsten Brinch iaotb at
Wed Dec 21 18:54:03 EST 1994

Mattias Erlo (d94mae at wrote:

: Is there a way to force the hypophysis to continue it's work 
: of making your body grow? Or else, is there any other way to
: make the body grow once it's stopped? Please note that I'm
: not talking about growing in muscles but in length in general.
:                                             ------

No, when the ephiphyseal plates of the long bones has fused, and growth 
has stopped, you can't get it going again. If for some reason there is an 
increase of Growth Hormone release from the hypophysis after the fusion 
of the long bones, you will only obtain an overgrowth of soft tissues, 
leading to a characteristic appearance, but not to an increase in length.

Torsten Brinch

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