Would like help on A Level project about cricket song

Andrew Hiles andrew at hiles.demon.co.uk
Thu Dec 22 15:12:45 EST 1994

I'm not sure if this is the right group to be posting this, but here goes:

Has anybody out there done any work on cricket song?  

I've read a couple of past articles in Scientific American which were 
helpful, but I would be gratefull of some additional info 
since, apart from anything else, they were years out of 

Basically, I've recorded a whole load of cricket song using a sound 
activated recording setup and am now trying to analyse it.  All factors 
between the recordings remained constant apart from the number and sex of 
the crickets in the tank. i.e. 1 male vs 1 female, 1 male vs 2 females, 2 
males etc.  I had planned to note the number of syllables of cricket 
song in each tape minute and compare them between the different 

I would be grateful of any other ideas/info.  Please post replies 
in the group or E-mail them to me as below.


Dominic Hiles
domo at hiles.demon.co.uk

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