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>>[my post]
>>In the case of menstrual syncing, the frequency mechanism
>>consists of a generator whose period (yeah, I know) is longer 
>>than the menstrual period, and a correcting mechanism, probably 
>>coupled to external factors.
>What external factors could cause individual women to have *consistent* 
>cycles from < 28 days to > 31 days.
Dear Colin,
	I don't know what the factors are, but one speculation is that the free-
wheeling period is 31 days (or slightly larger) and the coupling strength for
the correcting mechanism varies with the individual.  Another speculation is
that the free-wheeling frequency varies with the individual.  In either case,
if the coupling to other females in the immediate environment (via either phy-
sical processes such as odor or social processes such as sympathy) is very
strong--not too far out an assumption for social primates--then the syncing
could occur.  Perhaps a real expert out there can enlighten us both.
				Bill Tivol

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