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>Subject: Human growth question
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>Is there a way to force the hypophysis to continue it's work 
>of making your body grow? Or else, is there any other way to
>make the body grow once it's stopped? Please note that I'm
>not talking about growing in muscles but in length in general.
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>Mattias Erloe, d94mae at

The reason one's body stops growing in hight is because the epiphyseal joints 
in the long bones osify (form bone) around the time of entry into puberty.  It 
has been a long time since I have studied the basics of this area, but if I 
recall correctly, testosterone plays a large role in causing the plates to 
close.  If the individual is still prepubecent, and has a deficiency in human 
growth hormone, then suplements can be added to allow continued growth.  If, 
as you suggest, the pituitary continues after the plates have sealed, the 
outcome is acromegaly (not certain of the spelling, it has been some time), 
which is in effect the thickening of the bones.  This does not result in any 
increase in hight, but does produce brow ridges and quite alot of secondary 

Hope this helps


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