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On 28 Dec 1994, Magid tabatabai wrote:

> Couple of days ago, I was showing off the ease of access to information 
> on Internet, to a friend of mine (Eurpean surgeon who is doing a 
> reserach on pancreas in U.S.) 
> He asked me to find any article related to pancreas.
> I used Archie and telneted to , but doing a search 
> on pancreas returned zero match.
> I am kind of baffled and can not understand, how could it possible that 
> one not be able to find info, on part of a human body on the net.
> I will appreciate if someone can tell me what tool I need to use and 
> where do I need to look to find info on pancreas.
> Thanks
> magid.t at
I would suggest the following options:
1) Access Gopher and use Veronica to search for the word pancreas
   (You will get about 12 listings)
2) On a UNIX system, type gopher to access the bionet 
database. Choose item 2: Search Biology Journal TOCs.
3) Use Telnet to access and choose the UNCOVER 
service.  This is something like Current Contents online and it is FREE.  
They make money, if you decide to order an article by FAX.
4) If you need to search for medical items regularly, you may want to 
telnet to  However, you have to establish an account 
with the National Library of Medicine and it costs money.
Call (800) 633-5666 for assistance.
5) Some commercial online services offer access to multi-volume 

I hope this will get your friend started.

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