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> What are the biochemical, physiological properties of taurine? And 
> where can taurine be extracted from naturally?
> I've tried checking books and even Biochemical supplies catalogues.
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I have a photocopy of an article by a Kenneth C. Hayes entitled "Vitamin-like 
molecules: Taurine", which is Chapter 24 pp464 - 470 in (wait for it) a book! 
Unfortunately I don't have the complete reference but perhaps a database search 
with this author's name would help. Taurine is an amino-acid derived from B6 
dependent sulphur amino acid metabolism that may function as a modulator of 
calcium flux. As well as being found in meat it is particularly abundant in 
shellfish. (PS, this is my first outing on the internet so hope this message 
gets through OK.)
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