Yolanda Gurrola yolanda.gurrola at bbs.puc.edu
Tue Feb 1 13:43:30 EST 1994

The issue brought up here in the Science Magazine is a very touchy one
to some people.  I agree with it on some parts but on others I am not to

First of all, when I go into a hospital or a doctors office for some
tests or a check-up I want to be sure that they do not take anything
from my body unless permission is granted first by me.  Now with the
research of tissues of this Moore guy, he did have the right to complain
because they did not tell him about what they were doing to his tissues
and cells.

We should all have the right to know what is going to happen to our
organs or any other part of our body if we choose to give it away
freely.  There should be signing of papers to make sure that all things
are clear about the procedure.

The giving away of tissues and organs is a delicate matter.  Some people
think that ones organs are only meant for that one person, but others
are nice enough to donate theirs to help someone else or to help with
scientific research.  We should first ask before taking.

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