Moss Strength

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Tue Feb 1 14:48:59 EST 1994

steve (steve at wrote:

: I am working on a project looking at the adaptations mosses have for
: avoiding herbivory.  One of the aspects we would like to look at is
: physical strenth or toughness of the moss leaves and stems.  The problem
: is taht moss leaves are too small for conventional strenght tests.  Does
: any one have any suggestions on how we may be able find out either
: quantitativley or qualaatively how strong mosses are?

Julian Vincent (szsvinct at at the Centre for Biomimetics
at Reading University (UK) has a microtome with a force transducer
fitted to it in order to measure the cutting force which is one
indication of the 'strength' of materials.

Another possibility is 'acoustic' microscopy, but I've only seen a
description of it (!).  It looks very interesting though and it is
claimed to give results relating to the strength of materials and
structures at a microscopic level.

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