Terrorism against researchers in name of "animal rights"

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Tue Feb 1 10:14:05 EST 1994

In article <2il50l$n16 at news.uibk.ac.at> c72454 at cx.uibk.ac.at (Teerakiat Kerdcharoen) writes:
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>> The January 14th issue of Science reports that 34 bombs were mailed to  
>> British biomedical researchers injuring 7 people.  A "animal rights" 
>>The mixed signals coming from the research community regarding "animal 
>>rights" has helped fuel this increasingly dangerous situation. 

>	In Thailand, we have a memorial ceremony for dogs those have
>been killed in veterinary researches and educations. I have been told
>that the dogs are treated gently. Indeed, those researchers I met
>definitely recognize the dogs' right. They recognize the donation of
>those animal's spirit and soul to the human welfare. Animal also has
>mind and feeling. Pay some compassion to them, please.

I really don't want to pick on anyone, the sentiments expressed are 
laudable and certainly the way I would want lab animals to be treated, 
but it also is a prime example of the very confusion I referred when 
wrote about "mixed signals".  By using their rhetoric, "rights", and 
attempting to identify with them you have given their views legitimacy.  
At the same time, your actions demonstrate that you don't identify with 
them at all.  "Animal rights" maintains that animals have autonomous 
rights.  By killing an animal, no matter how humanely, you are just as 
guilty of murder as if you killed a human.  

Despite "animal rights" propaganda, you know full well that biomedical 
research using animals is important for increasing our knowledge of 
biological systems and for saving lives.  The people you are trying to 
identify with not only do not believe this, but believe that the use of 
animals has cost much human pain and suffering and is carried out for the 
economic gain of the researcher.  In other words, they believe you're 
some sort of demon.  These people believe that they are completely 
justified in destroying labs and careers.  They terrorize good people, 
and their families, with threats and physical attacks.  

Please, identify with the researchers, not with their attackers.  Please 
continue to treat your animals humanely, but don't justify by reference 
to the philosophy of "animal rights".

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