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>        In 1987 or so there was the advertising poster called "Lineage &
>Specification in Beer Hour" -- in which a spaghetti-tangle of connections
>marked off which professor had been advisor of/advised by whom. The
>perfect way to document academic incest.

this reminds me of the classic poster where the course of scientific
education is depicted like a biochemistry pathway of intermediary
metabolism wherein the non-spontaneous catalytic conversion of  assistant
professors into tenured associate professors [and subsequent decay
into inert full professors] is driven by the coupled consumption of
high-energy graduate students converted into low-energy highly oxidized
former grad students. ;^)

>>If off-color mottos are acceptable, you might be able to do something
>>with my favorite biochemistry multiple pun. [ ...]
>>                        The Ball and Stick Models

>        In the late 70s & early 80s, Caltech Biology had a divisional
>T-shirt that showed a simple stylized Watson-Crick B-form DNA replication
>fork, Y-end up, probably taken from the CSHSQB paper they wrote 40 years
>ago. It was surrounded by the slogan "Caltech Biology," in ordinary
>letters. The shirts were silkscreened, but someone got the helix backwards.
>The lettering was legible (unfortunately), but the helices were *left*-
>handed! The T-shirt went out of amateur production in 1984 or so; most of
>them were produced *prior* to the discovery of Z-DNA.

I have that shirt!
Also the one where the hand holding the torch for "The truth shall set
you free" is surrepitiously giving you the bird.

>        But not before the undergraduates made a parody called "Caltech
>Applied Biology." Instead of Y-shaped replication fork, the logo was a
>partly undone zipper.

I also made a design for the chem dept when I was at tech that showed
an inverted roundbottom flask with crossed test tubes beneath to make
a jolly-roger/skull and crossbones effect. Around the perimeter of the
flask is inscribed "Caltech Alchemy" in gothic script and at the center
of the flask is the equation:

			Pb -> Au

>        I know this is bionet.general, and so everything ought to have
>a biological slant (oops), but I have to mention some of the other
>softball teams names that originated among the math-nerds (Divergent Grads)
>and the geology-nerds (Strikes & Dips)

>        Tech humor. Something few experience & fewer appreciate.


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