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Tue Feb 1 10:33:33 EST 1994

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McGuinness, k_mcguinness at writes:
>>:   A better solution might be to establish tutorial newsgroups,
>>: bionet.tutorial.general, bionet.tutorial.neuroscience, etc. 
>>  What a terrific idea.  Not just to solve a problem but to create
>>a resource for the students.  Maybe a way to encourage better
>>education in this country.  Let's do it.
>Yes, yes, yes. A great idea; but limit the number of new groups so
that people 
>who want to be involved in this don't have to scan too many groups.

I think a single bionet.tutorial group would be the right idea. 
There arent enough questions at least on the bionet newsgroups *I*
read to warrant more than one, and if the students were encouraged
to use descriptive subjects, then those of us who are interested
could rapidly scan to see if there are any questions we might
answer.  It would get the traffic off the "regular" boards where it
seems to annoy some people, and would only be one extra newsgroup. 
An on-line "ask a biologist..." board which would connect kids to
the internet as well as to science.  Great idea.


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