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>   Does anybody out there think that there should be a newsgroup 
> specifically designated for the discussion of bioethics?  This is the 
> only place (the internet, that is) that many scientists can express 
> their opinions on what is right and what is wrong.  Although it would 
> have several disadvantages including the fact that so many people 
> could now become "armchair ethicists" and discussions might wander 
> towards banality, I think with the proper supervision it could be 
> quite interesting.  Maybe this idea has been tried before and shot 
> down.  I'm pretty new to this. 

Actually there already is a Usenet news group with the following title:

It seems to me that I have seen discussion recently on bioethics-related 
issues in this news group.  It certainly seems like it would be an 
appropriate forum for discussion of such issues.

Brian Greuel

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